Nataly Grosman

Nataly has been painting since the moment she was able to. She was born in Russia in 1969 and came  to Israel in 1977. 


Beginning in early childhood, she touched almost every material and texture possible, eventually developing her unique techniques, methods of layering that reveal from the inside, as if they were the human soul. As such, her paintings contain a clear signature, a unique style, and language.

Nataly’s paintings aren’t unequivocal. They each contain unlimited variations, revealing something new every moment, in a different way. Her works are living, moving, breathing; not allowing themselves to stay static. Nataly provides the viewer with a fascinating and unlimited experience as each layer is full of new scenes and sensations. 


From 2003 on she has exhibited her works internationally in single exhibitions and group exhibitions in museums and galleries. In the United States she has exhibited in  New York, Boston, New Jersey, and Chicago. In Israel her works have been shown at the Theater of Jerusalem, Museum of Jaffa, Habima Theater Tel Aviv, Ra’anna Park, Hotel Mizpe Hayamim, and more.

In 2012, Nataly was chosen to represent Israel at the International Festival in Cannes, France, hosted by Marina Picasso ( Picasso's granddaughter). 


Nataly lives in Even Yehuda and is mother to 3 children.